2020 European Agri-FoodTech Investment Report by AgFunder

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2020 European Agri-FoodTech Investment Report by AgFunder

Last week was the 5th edition of F&A Next. F&A Next is to connect promising start-ups and scale-ups, to dedicated FoodTech & AgTech investors and innovative corporate. Usually on a physical networking format, the 2020 edition was a successful 2.5h live webinar with 1100+ participants from 67 countries. FoodTech Canada was part of it!

Among great speakers, Rob Leclerc, founding partner of AgFunder, has presented the 2020 European Agri-FoodTech Investment Report.


Rob Leclerc AgFunder

Rob Leclerc presenting 2020 AgFunder report during F&A NEXT

Download the report here : https://agfunder.com/research/2020-european-agri-foodtech-investment-report/

About AgFunder

AgFunder is one of the world’s most active foodtech and agtech VCs. They’re rethinking venture capital for the 21st century. Created in 2013, they have built a global ecosystem of 75,000+ subscribers thanks to their . This gave them one of the most powerful Agri FoodTech networks to help build impactful and important companies.

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