8 Canadian startups finalists for the 2020 FoodTech 500

8 Canadian startups finalists for the 2020 FoodTech 500

As 2021 just started, we are thrilled to announce that 8 Canadian startups have been selected among the 500 finalists for the annual FoodTech500 ranking!

2020 FoodTech 500

Inspired by the Fortune 500 ranking, Forward Fooding has launched this initiative in 2019 to recognize world’s talent and entrepreneurs in the FoodTech industry, with a special focus on sustainability.

Last year, for the FoodTech500 2019 edition, 3 Canadian startups were part of the finalists. We’re very excited to see more entrepreneurs from Canada to this 2020 edition and we definitely look forward for the 2021 ranking.

As Forward Fooding will announce the final ranking early in February, we are proud to present the 8 amazing ventures that will represent Canada in this 2020 FoodTech 500 edition!

Agri-Neo Inc

Location: Toronto, ON
Website: https://www.agri-neo.com/

Founded in 2009, Agri-Neo is a food safety company providing solutions to help safely feed the world.

One of their solution, Neo-Pure is the only organic, non-thermal pasteurization that keeps food truly raw, keeping sensory, nutrition, shelf life, and germination intact providing a validated reduction of harmful pathogens.


Agri-Neo’s mission is to help safely feed the world. To start accomplishing this, our vision is to set new food safety standards, initially with Neo-Pure for seeds, grains & nuts.

Agri-Neo Inc ranked #46 on the 2019 FoodTech 500 edition!

Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

Location: Abbotsford, BC
Website: https://catalystpower.org/

Catalyst Agri-Innovation Society was established to deliver research resources, bringing industry, agriculture and academia together. It is also the Trustee and management team responsible for the ACES “Technology Meets Permaculture – Zero Waste Agriculture” program.

Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

We have selected agriculture as the foundation, as food is the common denominator of life. Producing food is part of the biological and cultural, as well as economic fabric of civilization.


Location: Toronto, ON
Website: https://www.foodmaestro.me/

Foodmaestro was founded with a mission to help consumers answer one simple question, “Can I eat this?”​. Their award-winning platform combines food product information with clinical health and wellness data to give it meaning that can be read and understood easily by anyone. With a focus on enabling retailers and healthcare organizations to improve the digital offerings through personalization, Foodmaestro help consumers make informed decisions about the products they eat.

Search, discovery & recommendations for food that meet your personalised lifestyle & dietary needs.

Kraken Sense Limited

Location: Mississauga, ON
Website: https://www.krakensense.com/

KRAKEN SENSE was started with the desire to challenge the long standing status quo in pathogen detection and provide everyone with the ability to detect bacterial contamination in real-time.

Kraken Sense

Providing Real-Time Pathogen Detection in under 1 minute

Livestock Water Recycling

Location: Calgary, AB
Website: https://www.livestockwaterrecycling.com/

Livestock Water Recycling is the world’s leading provider of manure treatment technology. From theirInnovation Center in Calgary, Alberta, they work with farms around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and segregate nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and recycle clean, reusable water.

Livestock Water Recycling

The LWR System is the only proven and fully operating technology that reduces the overall volume of manure, concentrates nutrients and delivers a renewable, high-quality water source. Better yet, it provides a minimum 20-30% return on investment.


Location: Peterborough, ON
Website: https://www.noblegen.com/

Noblegen creates nutrient-dense products out of naturally occurring Euglena gracilis with minimal processing – no genetic modification needed. As a microorganism, Euglena is a richer source of the 9 essential amino acids than other vegan protein options and is a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Euglena can become a potent protein, source of Beta-Glucan, palm oil replacement and more.



Groundbreaking science is at the code of everything we do.

ThisFish Inc.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Website: https://this.fish/

ThisFish’s mission is to improve profits and sustainability in the seafood industry through digitization, traceability and innovation. They are a global leader in seafood traceability and production software that reduces costs, strengthens process control and improves compliance in global supply chains.

This Fish


Our goal is to improve the social, environmental and financial sustainability of global seafood.


Location: Québec, QC
Website: https://ueat.io/en

Through online ordering or self-serve kiosk, UEAT build innovative tools to optimize restaurant’s operations, increase their profitability and foster customer loyalty.


We believe every restaurateur shouldn’t have to make any compromises on exceptional customer experience.