Why FoodTech ?

When the best of Food meets the best of Tech

Canada as a major player in FoodTech

FoodTech Canada wants to become a strong actor on the Tech scene in Canada, like the FinTech, CleanTech, AI and more.

FoodTech market gets bigger

10 billion US$ have been spent in FoodTech in the world in 2015. In 2022, Research&Markets predict a turnover over 250 billions dollars in the FoodTech market with a growth of 5.8% every year.

Unlimited challenge

Day after day, it become more important to understand how and what we  consume to take care of our health and our earth. A better future is in front of us, but there is many challenges to get there.

Elevate talents and startups

By spreading and sharing the FoodTech purpose everywhere in Canada, we will automatically generate new ideas that will become project, that will become startup…

The core value of the FoodTech is to help generate new idea, new service, new product, new entrepreneur, ready to take the challenge of a better world

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