Pre-apply to FoodTech 500 2020 edition now!

FoodTech 500 2020

Pre-apply to FoodTech 500 2020 edition now!

After the great success of the 2019 edition, Forward Fooding, a UK based AgriFoodTech consulting company with a strong network across the world, is ready to kick off the FoodTech 500 2020 2020 edition!

In 2019, 3 Canadian FoodTech startups made it in the list of the 500 companies, selected for their innovation, sustainability, technology and of course, their way to shape the future of food.

Let’s take the time to recognize once more these 3 startups :

Agri-Neo, Toronto #46
Rawcology Inc., Toronto #158
Koomi POS, Montréal #167

All we can aim for, for this new FoodTech 500 2020 ranking, is to grow that list and recognize more Canadian businesses that rethink the future of food for a better health and for a better planet!

You’re one of them ? Click here to pre-apply and get the notification when applications are open :